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"Project coordination"
Print date: Tuesday, July 7 2020 - 21:49
Page last modified: Sept. 12, 2005
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Project coordination

A BALANCE Secretariat is located at the premises of the Lead Partner, which is the Danish Forest and Nature Agency in Denmark. The secretariat has been established in order to co-ordinate the work within the BALANCE project and to ensure an efficient strategic and operational management of the project. In particular the Lead Partner is responsible for:

The staff at the secretariat is: Johnny Reker (Project Coordinator), Jesper H. Andersen (Project Manager) and Maj-Britt Bunch (Project Assistant).

The BALANCE Secretariat runs this web site, which is considered to be an important tool for communication with the public. The web site also serves as a tool for communication within the BALANCE partnership. If the partners have any information which should be on the web, please e-mail the Secretariat.

Kick-off meeting
The BALANCE kick-off meeting took place in Copenhagen on Wednesday the 31st of August and Thursday the 1st of September 2005.