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"Kick-off Meeting, Copenhagen 2005"
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Kick-off Meeting, Copenhagen 2005

Kick-off meeting

The BALANCE kick-off meeting took place in Copenhagen on Wednesday the 31st of August and Thursday the 1st of September 2005. A total of 44 persons representing all partners in the project attended.

Read the agenda and minutes of the meeting.

Download the Agenda and Minutes in pdf-format
kick-off-meeting-agenda_280805.pdf (~100 kb)
kick-off-meeting-minutes_090905.pdf (~150 kb)

Download high resolution "BALANCE family photo " (~650 kb).

The following presentations were presented at the meeting:
KO1: “Welcome” - ko1_pm_welcome.pdf (~50 kb)
KO2: ”Setting the scene” - ko2_pc_setting_the_scene.pdf (~700 kb)
KO3: “Information & Lead Partner principle” - ko3_pm_info_lpp.pdf (~280 kb)
KO4: “WP4 introduction” - ko4_wp4.pdf (~440 kb)
KO5: “WP3 introduction” - ko5_wp3.pdf (~210 kb)
KO6: “WP2A introduction” - ko6_wp2a.pdf (~430 kb)
KO7: “WP2B nursery habitats” - ko7_wp2b_sparrevohn.pdf (~110 kb)
KO8: “WP1A introduction” - ko8_wp1a.pdf (~100 kb)
KO9: “WP1B GIS” - ko9_wp1b_gis.pdf (~2100 kb)
KO10: “WP5 dissemination” -ko10_wp5_dissemination.pdf (~110 kb)
KO11: “Communication” - ko11_communication.pdf (~120 kb)
KO12: “MSUO” - ko12_msuo.pdf (~280 kb)
KO13: “MESH project” - ko13_mesh.pdf (~550 kb)
KO14: “Reporting, auditing and payment” - ko14_reporting.pdf (~130 kb)

Please note that the above presentations are flashed as pdf files. The PowerPoint presentations can be obtained via the BALANCE Secretariat ( ) or from the authors.