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"Welcome to BALANCE"
Print date: Tuesday, July 7 2020 - 20:46
Page last modified: August 17, 2007
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Welcome to BALANCE

BALANCE – or in full "Baltic Sea Management – Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Ecosystem through Spatial Planning" – is an INTERREG III B co-funded project aimed towards development of informed marine management tools for the Baltic Sea based on spatial planning and cross-sectoral and transnational co-operation.

BALANCE, which started in July 2005 and ends in December 2007 (End Conference see "Meetings and events"), will in particular:
You can read more about the BALANCE project on this web site, in the BALANCE Newsletters (3 have been published so far) and in the BALANCE Interim Reports. BALANCE Newsletters and BALANCE Interim Reports can be found under "Publications".

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