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Estuaries (Natura 2000 code 1130)

by Johnny Reker

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Seagrass in an eutrophicated estuary by Nanna Rask
Seagrass bed by Peter Bondo Christensen
Shallow reef by Peter Bondo Christensen
Mytilus trossulus by Metsähallitus
Oxygen depletion by Peter Bondo Christensen
Mytilus edulis
Photo 9 BioGeo project and Metsähallitus 2003

Description: The "Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats", Oct. 1999 defines Estuaries as "Downstream part of a river valley, subject to the tide and extending from the limit of brackish waters. River estuaries are coastal inlets where, unlike "Large shallow inlets and bays" there is generally a substantial freshwater influence. The mixing of freshwater and sea water and the reduced current flows in the shelter of the estuary lead to deposition of fine sediments, often forming extensive intertidal sand and mud flats. Where the tidal currents are faster than flood tides, most sediments deposit to form a delta at the mouth of the estuary.
Baltic river mouths, considered as an estuary subtype, have brackish water and no tide, with large wetland vegetation (helophytic) and luxurious aquatic vegetation in shallow water areas."
Copyright: Johnny Reker