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Large shallow inlets and bays (Natura 2000 code 1160)

by Johnny Reker

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Enteromorpha sp. by Metsähallitus
Mytitlus trossulus by Metsähallitus
Seagrass bed by Peter Bondo Christensen
Shallow reef by Peter Bondo Christensen
Oxygen depletion by Peter Bondo Christensen
Shallow inlet in Kattegat, Denmark by Jan Ekebom

Description: The "Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats", Oct. 1999 defines Large shallow inlets and bays as follows: "Large indentations of the coast where, in contrast to estuaries, the influence of freshwater in generally limited. These shallow indentations are generally sheltered from wave action and contain a great diversity of sediments and substrates with a well developed zonation of benthic communities. These communities have generally a high biodiversity. The limit of shallow wateris sometimes defined by the distribution of the Zosteretea and Potametea associations. Several physiographic types may be included under this category providing the water is shallow over a major part of the area: embayments, fjards, rias and voes."
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