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Blue corridors and Natura-2000

WP 3 (work package no. 3)

This WP focuses on "blue corridors" and evaluation of the Natura 2000 network in the Baltic Sea. See a presentation describing WP3 - ko5_wp3.pdf (~210 kb) (The corresponding PowerPoint presentation can be obtained via the BALANCE Secretariat ( ) or from the authors).
The responsible partner is WWF Sweden.

Strategic focus

  • Development of the "blue corridor" concept.
  • Evaluation of the representativity of the Natura 2000 network and other marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Baltic Sea.
Planned results
  • Demonstration of the "blue corridor" concept.
  • Evaluation of representativity of landscapes and habitats in the Baltic Natura 2000 and MPA networks and coherence between sites, including suggestions on how to improve the existing network.

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